100 fun filled no spend weekend activities
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The Essential List Of 100 Fun-Filled No Spend Weekend Activities

When it comes to saving money, the best trick in the book has always been to spend as little money as possible. Better yet, spending absolutely no money for a short period of time can help you keep quite a bit of cash in your pocket. The only problem? This can be boring unless you know how to use free activities to your advantage.

Keeping boredom at bay while saving money is your main objective here.

We’ve all been there- either times are tough and you don’t have the money to do anything over the weekend or you’ve declared it a no spend weekend due to the fact that you’re trying to save money for another reason perhaps something you are saving towards like an upcoming purchase or maybe a retirement fund or emergency fund, etc. Whatever the reason, you’re facing the weekend and find yourself brainstorming for some creative and fulfilling activities to keep you and your family busy.

In this post, we’re compiling an amazing list of no-spend activities to help you save gobs of money and still have fun at the same time. Most of the items on this list will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. The majority of our suggestions are great for families with kids young or old as well as teens, college students, and young professionals.

I have a ton of fun-filled activities to choose from. See if you can find something from the quintessential list of 75 fun-filled no spend weekend activities that appeal to you and then get on with enjoying your hard-earned weekend.

Make sure to pin them so you’ll have them to refer to again and again for I’m positive once you get the hang of the no spend weekend you’re going to be hooked! And the money you’re going to save will blow your mind! Here we go:

  1. Binge Watch a Favorite Show on Netflix or Hulu (You technically already pay for it!)
  2. Listen to New Music on Pandora/Spotify
  3. Ride A Bike
  4. Deep Clean a Room in Your House
  5. Go to the Beach
  6. Prepare Meals for the Week Ahead (Check out this awesome freezer cooking meal plan MyFreezEasy)
  7. Read a Book (Fun fact: the average millionaire reads at least two non-fiction books each month!)
  8. Attend a Free Concert
  9. Play Video Games
  10. Watch a Classic Movie
  11. Clean Out Your Closet
  12. Call An Old Friend
  13. Play At The Park
  14. Write a Short Story
  15. Have a Garage Sale
  16. Play A Board Game
  17. Have a Yard Sale
  18. Learn a New Card Game
  19. Draw
  20. Color
  21. Look Through Photo Albums
  22. Build a Fire
  23. Browse Pinterest
  24. Have Friends Over
  25. Clean The Basement
  26. Play I Spy
  27. Build With Legos
  28. Play A Sport
  29. Take Paid Surveys
  30. Set Some New Goals For Yourself
  31. Start Running
  32. Write a Blog Post
  33. Paint
  34. Go To The Library
  35. Make A Budget
  36. Create an Airbnb listing for an extra room in your house
  37. Clean Your Car
  38. Walk Your Dog
  39. Find A New Hobby
  40. Cut Coupons
  41. Download Some Money-Making Apps
  42. Look For Free Stuff On Craigslist
  43. Plan a Home-Improvement Project
  44. Re-decorate a Room In Your Home With What You Have On Hand
  45. Help Your Kids With Homework
  46. Make A Run To The Goodwill
  47. Bake Cookies
  48. Play Law Bowling
  49. Camp Indoors/Outdoors
  50. Tour a Museum
  51. Hike Local Trails
  52. Have A Dance Party
  53. Have A Picnic
  54. Go fishing if you have the supplies
  55. Attend a free class at your local craft store
  56. Play An Instrument
  57. Go Fly A Kite
  58. Play Bubbles
  59. Go On A Scavenger Hunt
  60. Collect Rocks
  61. Attend A Free Class At The Local Craft Store
  62. People Watch
  63. Stargaze
  64. Relax
  65. Have A Tea Party
  66. Snuggle On The Sofa
  67. Read To Your Kids
  68. Attend A Church Function
  69. Surf The Internet
  70. Bake A Loaf Of Homemade Bread
  71. Listen To Some Podcasts
  72. Teach Your self How To Juggle
  73. Change The Oil In Your Car
  74. Teach Your self How-To Knit/Crochet
  75. Go On A Home Maintenance/Repair Walk Through Inventory
  76. Practice Origami
  77. Make A Time Capsule
  78. Scan Your Old Pictures (Maybe Make A Screen Saver Collage)
  79. Take Pictures
  80. Go Geocaching
  81. Seduce Your Partner
  82. Do Yoga
  83. Do A Puzzle
  84. Fly Paper Airplanes
  85. Run Through The Water Sprinklers
  86. Meditate
  87. Take A Nap
  88. Start A Journal
  89. Go Swimming
  90. Attend A Free Community Class
  91. Take A Bubble Bath
  92. Light A Candle
  93. Build A Fort
  94. Clean The Oven
  95. Volunteer
  96. Help An Elderly/Disabled Person
  97. Go To A Pet Store
  98. Plan Your Next Vacation/Staycation
  99. Have a Snowball Fight
  100. Have a Themed Family Dinner Night

Hopefully, you will spend hours exploring some of these really fun, productive, and creative no-spend weekend activities and you’ll be able to save save save!

Remember, DREAM BIG… the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,

Dream BIG... the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,

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