Money Mindset

4 Ways To Change Your Money Mindset

Money is something that makes us all feel uncomfortable. I see it from every walk of life in every stage of the money game. whether rich or poor or somewhere in-between. I don’t care if you are the most successful businessman or someone struggling with a tremendous amount of debt, we are all programmed to …

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15 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money

15 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money Teaching your kids about money can be a tricky task but it doesn’t have to be and you most definitely want to be the one to teach your kids about money before someone else does. Here are 15 ways to teach your kids about money: How to …

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How to Create a Printable Using PicMonkey

Have you ever wanted to make your own printables just like all those you see out there on your favorite blogs? Printables have been all the rage for a while now. Have you seen some of the cute labels, signs, framed art that people are sharing online?  Some of your favorite blogs will offer them …

Saving Money

16 Things I Gave Up To Save $5,000 A Year

Many people struggle to save money. Maybe you are one of those people?  Saving money is really not as difficult as most people think it is. It’s not about making drastic changes to everything you do, because as you know, this usually ends in failure. I’m not saying that this is always the case, but …

kid's grocery cart
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5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Grocery Shop

By now, you know all the ins and outs of grocery shopping at your local grocery store. There’s little if any mystery involved in a trip to your supermarket. Now imagine if this said grocery store was in a foreign country and you didn’t speak the language or really understand the currency. You would have …

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Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching kids about money early on will no doubt propel them into a lifetime of financial fitness. About the age of five when kids are pretty savvy about electronics is when child development experts believe kids start learning about money. Long before your kids begin asking money questions, they’re already watching the way you handle …

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How To Make Yummy Low Cost Meals When Money Is Tight

Inside: How to make a cheap grocery list, get free food and eat well when you are poor. We’ve all been there. Money is tight. You’re feeling anxious wondering how you’re going to feed your family. When money is tight this healthy, budget grocery list will ease your anxiety about not having money for food. …

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12 Ways To Save More Money At Target

If you’re not already a Target shopper then I guarantee you will be shortly and if you are already a Target shopper, are you getting the most out of your shopping savings? Target is one of my favorite places to shop because you can get everything you need in one stop. Plus, Target offers great …

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50 Easy Tips To Get Control Of Your Home

Between the kids, the housework, and the job, it’s easy to let all the excess clutter accumulate as you go through your daily grind. But with spring and summer underway, now’s the perfect time to hit refresh and get organized. No matter which room you want to tackle, here are 50 easy tips to get …

kids games to teach them about money
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The 7 Best Kid’s Board Games To Teach Them About Money

We had so much fun as a family over the last month taking our time playing kid’s board games to find the best kid’s board games to teach them about money. We found the top seven and wanted to share them with you and your family so you can be instilling excellent money values in …