Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Under $10
Christmas Gifts Under$10

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Under $10

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Under $10

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  1. Photo Memory Card: Most people who own digital cameras will find themselves running out of memory space, without wanting to erase their precious photos.
  2. Life is Good Cozy socks: These are the epitome of warmth and comfort, from a great brand name. I would know—I own a pair. There is also a ten-year warranty on them, so rest assured you are buying a quality product.
  3. Wine Stoppers: During special occasions or Friday nights it may be easy to top off a bottle of wine, but how about when you just want one glass? A wine stopper is a great gift to anyone who enjoys wine.
  4. Gift Card for a Car Wash: Inquire at your local car wash and purchase a gift card for future use.
  5. A Ticket to the Movies: Most movie theaters offer gift cards, or you can visit and purchase it online.
  6. New Earbuds: Almost everyone has some sort of “need” for earbuds at this point, whether to listen to their MP3 player, or to plug in at work so they can catch the latest funny video on YouTube.
  7. A House Plant: Purchase a vase from Marshall’s, Ross, or other discount department store and repot a plant that you purchase from a garden store (or one from your garden if you have a green thumb). Include a tag about how to take care of your gift. If from your own garden, add this into the note as it will give sentimental value to your gift.
  8. Vase of Bamboo: Purchase a vase from Michael’s or other craft store (using a 40% off coupon found weekly in the Sunday paper), as well as rocks/marbles/stones to place in the bottom. Purchase a few stalks of bamboo, and arrange your piece. When presenting it to its recipient, include a tag with directions for how to take care of it.
  9. Yoga Strap: This is an eco-friendly product that any yogi or yogini can make use of as they increase their flexibility and expand their minds.
  10. Gifts for a Pet: You can get to the heart of any pet owner by buying them gifts for their animals. For cats, get a laser pointer, furry squirrel with a space for catnip, and other fun toys. For a dog purchase bones to chew on (make sure they are specific to the dog’s size), durable balls, or other chew toys.
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