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How To Create Worksheets in Canva

Worksheets are pretty handy in helping to grow an online business. Use them for an online course, webinar or as a downloadable freebie to grow your email list.

While you might think creating a worksheet is time-consuming, it’s actually quite easy when you use Canva. Now sure how to use Canva to create a worksheet? That’s okay because we’re going to create one together!

To start, you’ll need to sign in to your Canva account. If you don’t have one, you can create one right here.

Choose the US Letter Graphic under Documents

Choose US Letter Canva

Title Your New Worksheet
When you click on the US Letter template, a new window will open and you’ll see a bunch of templates on your left-hand side. While you can use a template to create your worksheet, we’ll be designing one from scratch. To title your worksheet, select the text icon from the far right-hand side. A bunch of heading options will appear. Choose ‘Add heading’ and title your new worksheet.

When you click to enter your text, a text editor will appear and you’ll be able to choose your font, font size, color, and other text options.

Blog Title Step 2

Add Your Content
Now you can start adding content blocks to your new worksheet. Start by selecting Elements in the left sidebar, then Shapes. Click on the first square and it will appear on your page. Now you can edit it, adjust it’s size, fill in with a color, or add a border to it.

What is this content block about? Let’s add some text:

Select Text in the left sidebar to bring up your text options. Click ‘Add Subheading’ and then edit the text on your worksheet.

Now you need to finish creating your worksheet. Using different shapes, you can create different content blocks and paragraph lines.

Create lines by using the square shape and adjusting the size until it looks like a line. See above.

Create shaded content blocks by choosing the top right square (see image above). And don’t forget to label your content areas so you (or your user) know how to fill out the worksheet.

Add Another Page
Make your worksheet a workbook by adding another page. To add another page, click little copy logo on the right side of your worksheet.

A new page will appear directly below.

Download Your Workbook
Once you finish all your pages, you’re ready to download your workbook. In the top right corner, click the download button, choose your file type (Tip: It’s best to choose a PDF format for worksheets and workbooks). Hit the green download button and your worksheet/workbook will download to your computer.

That’s it, you’re done and now you have a great, new worksheet.

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