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How To Change Your Money Mindset

What is a money mindset?  A money mindset is an overriding attitude that you have about your finances. It drives how you make key financial decisions every day. And it can have a big impact on your ability to achieve your goals.

The poet Rumi once said: “This world is like a mountain. Your echo depends on you. If you scream good things, the world will give it back. If you scream bad things, the world will give it back.”

Do you find yourself saying or thinking things like I’m so broke… Making money is hard… I never have enough… Wanting money is greedy…?

Try changing your story around money. Start saying and thinking things like: I’m so blessed… I have everything that I need… the Universe always takes care of me… I give to the world and I receive… it is safe for me to have abundance… I am provided for.

One of the first things I did when changing my money mindset around was to forgive myself my past money mistakes. In practicing forgiveness I repatterned my money mindset.

How did I forgive myself? I Grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down all of the painful memories I had around money – involving my parents, past partners, bosses and even myself that made me feel negative, stressed, anxious or frustrated. I then looked within my heart and used positive affirmations to release all the negative energy surrounding my thoughts about money.

It wasn’t easy. In my money past, there has been a lot of fighting and negative thoughts.

But after reprogramming my thoughts to ones of positive energy and abundance I felt the sun come out. Next, it was time to open my mind to the possibilities out there surrounding my mindset about money.

The world is a reflection of you. When you look around your life and see and feel lack, the Universe receives the message to send you more lack.

When you start looking around your life and seeing everything as evidence of abundance and feeling thankful and deeply grateful, the Universe sends you more abundance.

I began by asking the Universe: What would it take for more money to flow to me? What would it take for me to get paid for being me? What would it take for creative ideas to come to me?

The one thing that came to mind immediately was to practice gratitude. Find all the things I have instead of all the things I don’t have. Instead of I only have $50 to my name think I have a whole $50 to spend that’s awesome or I have nothing to wear think how lucky you are that you have warm clothes to wear.

Look at your life and think: Wow, I already have this much love // friendship // success // wellbeing // happiness, and I am excited for even more. I am so grateful to be alive, adventuring in time and space, and I am going to soak up and appreciate every moment.

Bless your money as it goes in and out of your life. Bless it as you buy something as simple as your morning coffee. Pause and give thanks to the Universe for providing so much for you.

All my old money energy, memories, disorder, and clutter needed to be removed so that I could make room for all the abundance that was going to flood into my life.

I needed to make room physically, emotionally, socially, and financially for new opportunities and abundance.

You see I just had to realize that I am a unique and divine human being. We all are. And we have unique and divine-human experiences that we need to share.

We are all meant to have peace, happiness, fulfillment, and success. Our creator tells us this.

Abundance is not a number on a bank statement, a large house or a luxury holiday. Abundance is a feeling.

Think about what abundance means to you. Does it mean freedom? Does it mean generosity? Does it mean indulgence?

When you know what abundance means to you, you can start taking baby steps to cultivate the feeling of abundance on a daily basis.

You can do this through visualization (imagining your dreams already being real) or by looking around your life and coming up with creative ways to feel the way you want to feel.

When you create the feeling of abundance within you, the Universe will pick up your new signal and start bringing you circumstances to match your new vibration.

I hope that this helps you to shed your old money mindset for a new one full of possibility and success. It is amazing how free and creative I feel. The world is truly my oyster.

Remember, DREAM BIG… the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,







Dream BIG... the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,

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