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Earn Extra Money Making Lists

Making lists is just about one of my most favorite things to do. So imagine my excitement when I found out that I can make money making lists for various different sites.

People love to read lists, and writers like to make lists. It’s a definite win because they are easy to write, and they are also easy to read. Because lists are so popular, there are websites that only post lists. So for today’s post, I’ve created a list (I know- how about that) of sites that pay you to make lists for them!

#1 – Listverse – $100 per list

This is one of the highest-paying and most well-known sites that will pay you to make lists. You can earn $100 for an accepted list. The list must be at least 1500 words with a minimum of ten items on your list. Listverse will also link to your blog, Twitter, or an eBook you want to promote if you have it.

#2 – Wonderslist – $5 for lists

You can submit lists of at least 10 items, containing at least 800 words, to this list site. Each list can include your byline. Payments are via Paypal or Payoneer.

#3 – Listofied – 50/50 revenue share with 100% Amazon revenue

This site publishes lists on many different topics. You earn money via ads (Google Adsense) that are placed on your published articles. The owners of the site take 50 percent of this revenue, and you get the other 50 percent. You can use affiliate links in your content (Amazon and Commission Junction) and earn 100 percent of that revenue.

#4 – Cracked – $100 to $200 per article or list

Cracked accepts lists as well as other types of content, but it says plainly on their website that the list-style articles are always some of their most popular. They are extremely picky when it comes to what they choose to publish, but the pay is great if you’re lucky enough to get your content published. Cracked is not a site we’ve reviewed for writers (although we probably should), but I did find some great info here on Reddit about how the process of writing for them works.

#5 – What Culture – £0.40 Per 1,000 views

What Culture is based in the UK, but it appears they will accept list-style articles from anyone regardless of country. They promise to pay £0.40 per every 1,000 views your article receives, which is around .60 USD if the calculator I used to convert was correct. Payments are made via Paypal. They publish articles across a variety of different categories, including film, sports, and gaming, and they want you to share your published posts on social media.

What experience have you had with sites that publish and pay for lists? I’d love to hear all about it.

Remember, DREAM BIG… the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,

Dream BIG... the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,

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