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50 Easy Tips To Get Control Of Your Home

Between the kids, the housework, and the job, it’s easy to let all the excess clutter accumulate as you go through your daily grind. But with spring and summer underway, now’s the perfect time to hit refresh and get organized. No matter which room you want to tackle, here are 50 easy tips to get control of your home.

50 Easy Tips To Get Control Of Your Home

1. Use your walls. Go ahead a find some cute canvas bins or baskets and attach them to the wall in a cute way like stacked on top of each other or hung diagonally. Use these to harness games, toys, books, stray magazines, etc.

2. Create an outbox for all your outgoing mail and return items. Create a station where you can place your keys and purse.

3. Along with creating an outbox, create a place where you can put backpacks and shoes or anything else that you take with you as your running out the door in the mornings.

4. Think about your daily routine. Put your vitamins with breakfast items (although remember to keep them out of little hands), coats in the garage, etc.

5. Get rid of all your CD and Discs by placing them in a storage wallet or sleeve. Go a little further and convert your music library into digital and only buy digital from this point forward.

6. Place a garbage can in every room to keep all trash placed where it goes.

7. Organize your cleaning supplies in a caddy.

8. Get rid of all your old or unwanted clothing and household items.

9. Keep clean sheets and blankets near the bed but hidden.

10. Keep colored toilet paper in the very back of the piles under the bathroom counter and when the colored toilet paper roll is on display you’ll know that it’s time to purchase toilet paper.

11. Use a two compartment laundry hamper in everyone’s rooms so that when they are taking off their dirty clothes they can distinguish between lights and darks.

12. Organize your pantry and fridge with the kids in mind so they can fix their own breakfast.

13. Mark storage boxes to avoid having to search through them when you are trying to locate something and leaving a mess.

14. Use lidded baskets to hide spillover and stray toys.

15. Preserve your kids’ artwork with photos or photo books.

16. donate cookbooks. We have Pinterest and our smartphone or tablets. If you have favorite recipes, photocopy them and place them in a ringed notebook.

17. When it comes to all those take out menus we have laying around, tape an envelope on the inside of the cupboard nearest the phone.

18. Get a second freezer for your garage for all those frozen home cooked meals you work so hard on.

19. Make a morning checklist in your planner. Let’s face it, we’re guilty of forgetting things too not just the kids.

20. Set your computer or phone calendar’s alarm for the week before dates you need to remember, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or the day you need to change the furnace filter. That way you have plenty of time to make appointments and buy what you need.

21. Organize future events with a monthly accordion file. Put birthday cards, directions to a baby shower, a note to check on furniture deliveries, even vacation brochures in the appropriate months.

22. Plan ahead for date night.

23. Use a netted bag for all balls in and out of the house.

24. Every bathroom should have a clock.

25. Put reminders around the house such as all the honey-do chores you have for your darling husband.

26. Keep a list of fun-filled family activities.

27. Place all important document such as birth certificates, immunizations, insurance, etc. in organized three ring binders.

28. Use your nightstand for essentials like pencils, notepads, flashlights, and personal items.

29. Plan all your family’s outfits for the next day at night.

30. Keep your ponytail holders in a bathroom canister.

31. Organize your jewelry.

32. Get rid of old makeup that you’re not using.

33. Get organizing pockets for your car.

34. Keep a pen in the car. Fuzzy or feathered pens are easiest to find.

35. Keep a Swiss army knife in the car.

36. Stock your glove compartment with napkins, a nail file, car registration, tire gauge, a first-aid kit, and a roll of quarters.

37. Create a “just in case” box for the car trunk: umbrella, cheap rain ponchos, scissors, a big black marker, tape, paper towels, plastic bags, extra kids’ socks, a one-size-fits-all T-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a pair of sweatpants for adults, another for kids.

38. Keep that box of stuff you’re donating to charity in your trunk, not your closet. When it’s full, drop it off.

39. Keep an extra pair of glasses, contact lenses, pantyhose, and other emergency gear in your desk.

40. Get rid of non-essentials cluttering your desk.

Rule of thumb: if you don’t need it every day, get it off your desk.

41. Cut down on credit cards.

One credit card per grownup, period. Having one card allows you to stay organized and keep track of your bank statements and spending habits.

42. Create a “receipt depot.”

Keep a folder near the door that everyone can drop receipts into as they come home. At the end of the week, organize it into a long-term folder as needed.

43. Stick to a budget.

Then you’ll never have trouble covering those unexpected expenses again. Try a budgeting app, like Mint, to help you stay on track.

44. Creditors will shift your payment due dates so that you can lump them all together, or split them between the two pay periods of each month. Oh, and make sure to shred your statements, don’t just toss them in the trash.

45. Affix baby food jar lids to the bottom of your workroom shelf.

Sort nails, screws, and bolts into the baby food jars, and twist them onto the lids.

46. When you adjust your clocks each spring and fall, also weed out expired medicine, sunscreen, food, coupons, and smoke detector batteries.

47. Store all car wash supplies in a bucket in the garage.

48. Place just-watered hanging plants on hooks over the sink, so they can drip without making a mess.

49. Switch from your round plastic food containers to square ones to make more room for stacking and fitting additional food storage.

50. Give your kids an alarm clock and a list of morning chores before they go to school which will teach them a great deal of responsibility and help get your mornings underway.

Hopefully, this helps you gain control over your home and find the organization that gives you peace of mind.

Let me know some of your favorite organizational tips and ideas.

Remember, DREAM BIG… the possibilities are endless!

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Dream BIG... the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,

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