Activities To Save Money When You're Bored

12 Cheap Places To Go When You’re Bored

Do you find that you have a free weekend with nothing to do and nowhere to go? Here are some of the best places to go when you’re bored.

There’s no denying that traveling somewhere exotic, having a wild party to go to, or just plain shopping over the weekend can provide extra fun activities to keep the boredom at bay but let’s face it. Those can be extra expensive and therefore stressful events used to combat boredom.

I can’t quite blame you though. Here you spend all week long just trying to get to the weekend and yet here you are now with nothing to do.

Too expensive huh.

Well, this is where you’re wrong as there is nothing that says you have to spend a great deal of money to have fun.

There are several places you can go to that are inexpensive and fun to boot.

You can check out the museum. Or do a game night with family and friends. Perhaps catch the latest movie feature on Netflix. Or just take a hike on a nearby trail.

I’m Bored! Whatever Shall I Do?

This is something that I learned never to say around my mom or day when I was younger because it would only lead to me doing chores all weekend long. I would have to pick up dog poop from the yard, vacuum the house, dust all the shelves, rake leaves, etc.

Real early on I learned to rely on myself to find my weekend of activities so that I didn’t make the mistake of declaring, “I’m bored! Whatever shall I do?” only to end up with a weekend full of chores starring me in the face.

As you can imagine I very quietly went about planning my weekend full of activities and before you knew it I’d have it all planned out.

I didn’t have very much money, if any, to spend so I became quite good at finding inexpensive ways to entertain myself for the weekend.

Boredom can be a dangerous thing. One minute you’re sitting around bored and the next, you’re at the mall spending crazy amounts of money you don’t have.

It’s easy to work all week long and then find yourself rewarding yourself with drinks and appetizers at your favorite restaurant or spending on a shopping spree.

When you’re bored, you don’t have to fork over a ton of cash or rack up your bills.

Here are fun and cheap things to do when bored. With these suggestions, you won’t need to spend a fortune for your entertainment.

1. Invite Family And Friends For A Meal.

Eating is one of the best bonding experiences. It’s an ideal time to connect with family and friends.

So why not skip eating out and just invite your guests over instead?

For the price of dining at a restaurant, you could enjoy a feast with a sizable group.

It’s a good idea to invite your guests over. May I suggest also making your get-together a potluck event? That way, there’s plenty of food for everyone without the high cost.

2. Here’s Something For The Kids.

Are you looking to dine out with your family?

Yes, eating out can get pretty expensive. It’s especially true when you bring the kids.

Luckily, there are many restaurants that let kids eat for free. Even if it’s just a free dessert or 50-percent off, that’s big savings for you.

3. Roast Marshmallows And Exchange Stories By The Fire.

When was the last time you gathered around the fire and roasted marshmallows?

This used to be a thing with my family and friends when I was younger. We would sit around the fire, sharing spooky stories and just plain old bonding.

What I also remember most about that is there were no iPhones during that time. If we were able to enjoy our time together without pulling out a phone or device, then we should be able to do it as well today.

So if you’re looking to disconnect from the digital world, drop your devices, gather around the bonfire, and just enjoy the scenic environment.

But before lighting up the bonfire, check with the local authorities regarding fire restrictions in the area.

4. Or You Can Head To The Gym And Lift Weights.


Have you already paid your gym membership?

Put it to use and sweat the calories off by doing cardio and lifting weights at the gym.

In addition to boosting your energy, did you know exercise is great at fighting fatigue and stress?

So if you had a busy and stressful week, let loose by finishing a good workout. You’ll feel energized and ready for the upcoming week at work.

5. Go For A Walk.

Let your shoes take you anywhere it goes.

Walking is one of the best boredom busters. It lets you wander around and see beautiful scenery, taking your mind off things that cause you anxiety or stress.

Pick a random route to follow then step out of your door. Don’t forget to pack water and other essentials before walking to the streets.

Even if you’ve seen this route before, it’s a different experience when you’re walking down the roads than when you’re driving in your car.

6. Or Do You Prefer Driving Around Instead Of Walking?

It’s a great cure for an uneventful weekend. Plus, it can bring you faster to places to go when you’re bored.

Hop in the car, and bring the family and friends on a joyride. Go to neighboring cities you don’t usually visit. Pass by scenic spots and admire the interesting surroundings.

Make sure you follow the road regulations, especially the speed limit. Those traffic violation tickets aren’t cheap.

7. Check Out Your Local Library Or Museum.

One of the best places to go when you’re bored is the library.

Personally, I find it a very nice place for solitude; it’s a magical place.

If you need to study or get work done, the library is the place to be. Plus, you get a wide array of books within your reach.

Museums can also the same escape that you can have when you’re in the library. Witness works of art and be amazed at the facts and tidbits you might discover about your favorite artist or painting.

8. Help Out At Your Local Soup Kitchen Or Homeless Shelter.

Looking for fun things to do on a boring weekend?

Give back to the community and help out the needy. You can volunteer at your nearby homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

It’s fun, and you’re doing a beautiful thing, helping out people get back up. Plus, you get to meet other sympathetic people who are helping out as well. It’s a great way to find your tribe among these kind folks.

You might also want to check out your local community events calendar for similar activities in your area. Or you can organize one with your friends and family. Then publish a notice, inviting others to join your cause.

9. Play Ball With Family And Friends.

Are you into sports?

If you’re wondering where to go when you’re bored on weekends, play ball with your family and friends.

Whether it’s basketball or football, it’s a great workout that’s fun and enjoyable.

Not into these games?

Try throwing frisbees. You’ll find others at the park who might enjoy a good sweat and a little competition.

10. Check Out The Latest Outdoor Attractions Near You.

You don’t have to drive far to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There could be one nearby.

Whether it’s a picturesque outdoor landscape or your local park, enjoy the gorgeous view. Grab a breath of fresh air and have a change of scenery that’s different from what you have during your 9-to-5 workweek.

For those lucky enough to live near the beach, lounge on the sand. And don’t forget to put on sunscreen.

Even if you’re not particularly the “outdoorsy” type, the bright sun and the beautiful sky will perk you up. There’s always something for everyone.

11. Do You Prepare Your Own Meals?

It’s easy to stick to your budget (and diet) if you make your own meals for the week. Not just the workweek but also including the weekend.

Eating out is one of the easiest ways to ruin your budget plan. So as a solution, you can keep your food budget in check by preparing it days ahead.

So if you have time to spare on the weekend, head to the kitchen. Test out a few recipes and sample what you make. If it’s good, pack up ready-to-eat meals for the next couple of days.

12. Go Out And Grab Some Dessert.


Does your cheat day fall on a weekend?

Live a little. Treat yourself to a bite and indulge in your favorite sweet treats.

Whether it’s a dollar ice cream or a gourmet item from your favorite pastry shop, enjoy a little. Grab your favorite dessert and savor the delectable indulgence.

It’s cheaper to give yourself this tiny break off your hectic schedule (and diet) than splurge on a more expensive weekend escape.

So satisfy yourself on something sweet or salty in the name of saving money.

Looking For Fun Places To Go When You’re Bored?

Don’t let boredom put a huge dent on your budget.

If you’re wondering what fun things to do on a boring weekend, there’s really to no need to break the bank.

With these simple tips, you can have all the fun without the hefty price tag.

Where Are Your Favorite Places To Go When You’re Bored?

Dream BIG... the possibilities are endless!
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